Employers and Candidates, It's Time to
Your Search with a Custom Profile


Isn't it time to start searching SMARTER, not HARDER?

Expert Guidance

Do-it-yourself no longer means do-it-alone.  Here you’ll receive expert guidance in creating a custom profile that uniquely showcases who you are and what you offer so you can actively attract those that meet your needs and weed out those that don’t.  Need more help?  We offer a free discussion group focused on everything from identifying the best candidates / positions to contract negotiations and everything in between plus a la carte hiring services. 

Meaningful Information

You’re so much more than a 2 paragraph job description or a 1 page resume so why rely on those things to find your next great nanny or position?  With a custom profile, you can share summaries of essential information and a deeper look at the things that make you you.  Visitors quickly get to know you in ways that count, helping you make meaningful connections with compatible leads.

Strategic Searches

Until now, do-it-yourself searches mostly used the “throw it against the wall and see what sticks” method.  You had to slodge through vague descriptions, endless “I’m interested!” messages, and emails that only half-way answered the questions asked.  It wasted time and energy while producing lackluster results.  No more.  A custom profile gives you a powerful, streamlined, efficient, auto-piloted search tool that sets you up for success from day one. 

"Lora created a private profile for me at the beginning of my last job search and it changed everything. I stopped chasing agencies and families and they started chasing me. Everyone loved it and it got the attention of a lot of great families. More than my resume and reference letters ever did. I got a new job with a fantastic family and the mom told me when she hired me she knew I was the one when she read my profile."
Atlanta Nanny
"I’ve used Lora’s services including her online profile designs for my last 2 searches. She makes it easy to create a profile that tells candidates everything they need to know about our family and helps me pre-screen family assistants based on their experience and skills. Her services are worth every penny."
DC Family Assistant Employer