The Advantages of a Custom Profile

Cost Effective

Enjoy all the benefits of a digital profile without purchasing a domain name, hosting, platform, or ad free video and document storage.  Skip over trying to find a qualified, reasonably priced developer to create and maintain a profile for you or investing hours doing it yourself. It’s all included here.

Optimized Format

Our customizable profile format was created to meet the unique needs of the nanny care industry.  It has a proven track record of success; helping hundreds of nannies land a top job.  Every section is optimized to deliver the information parents want in a way that connects with them on a personal level. 

Writing Prompts

If you’ve struggled in the past trying to find the right words to describe yourself, your approach, your value, and your needs, you’ll find the help you need here.  Prompts and phrase banks tailored to in-home professionals are available to help you create a profile that perfectly represents you. 

Expert Guidance

You don’t simply sign in, complete a form, and your profile is auto-generated.  I work with each client individually to create a profile that truly spotlights their value, their needs, and their best match.

Make It Easy For Parents to Get to Know You

Employers are bombarded with information during their nanny search and their attention is constantly pulled in different directions.  To make it to the next step in the process, you have a small window of opportunity to capture parents’ attention and make a memorable, positive first impression.  Your custom profile is designed to do just that.  Its tried-and-true format introduces you as a person and a professional through one streamlined webpage where everything parents need to know is organized in a simple, easy-to-understand way.  (Remember parents are looking at multiple candidates so the easier you make it for them, the better your chances are!)

Connect With Parents on Their Schedule

Share your link with the world and let your profile work for you 24/7.  Imagine a parent sees your social media post at 2 AM and they can immediately click on your profile link and learn about what you have to offer and what you’re looking for.  No need for a direct message asking for your resume or a text conversation about what exactly you need in a position.  No more missed opportunities or delayed connections because you’re not immediately available. 

Some Favorite Features


Need help identifying your unique skill set, detailing the type of daily environment you create, or deciding on the terms of your compensation package?  You get 1 hour of consulting included in the profile package to help you navigate it all.


Include documents, pictures, videos, and audios in your profile.  All are hosted on ad-free platforms that are compatible with any device. 


Password protect your whole page or just certain documents (e.g. your reference list).  This gives you complete control over who sees what and when.

Custom URL

Use any available name or nickname you want to create a custom URL.  If you’ve built up a brand, you can strengthen it with a branded webpage address.   Or you can start your brand here.


Are you an active volunteer in your community and want to add a section about your volunteer work?  Done.  Do you want to skip the testimonial section?  No problem.  You can edit the framework to fit your exact needs.


You’ll have free access to a private discussion group where you can ask questions, brainstorm solutions, find resources, and receive support from me and other candidates searching for their next great position.

Join in on the Beginning of Something Great

Over the last 15 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of caregivers in their job search; all looking for a position that would:

  • pay them what they were worth
  • offer the benefits they needed for a healthy, balanced life
  • provide a safe, respectful, supportive work environment
  • had parents that truly recognize and appreciate the hard work they do and the contributions they make to the child’s health and happiness.

I’ve helped them: 

  • identify and share what makes them unique, even when talking about a common trait or skill.
  • detail the value and benefits they can bring to a family.
  • present who they are as a person and a professional in a way that genuinely connects with parents, the key to landing the job.

My goal is to expand my work and create a collaborative community where nannies are recognized, empowered, and supported in their job search and beyond.  I invite to to be a part of that. ~ Lora Brawley, owner of Nanny Care Hub and partner sites

Are you ready to take control of your job search with a custom profile?  

Register for your profile today and receive:

  • custom URL
  • custom profile with option to delete, add, or change basic sections
  • option of password protection on profile or linked multimedia
  • inclusion of unlimited documents, 20 photos, 10 sound recordings, and 10 videos
  • 1 hour of consulting
  • 30 minutes of profile editing after the initial profile is completed
  • 1 year of hosting, additional years at $25 / yr
  • private discussion group

Because this is a personalized service, scheduling is limited so reserve your spot in my line-up today.  (The name or nickname for your URL is first come, first served so grab your favorite now.)  You have unlimited time to take advantage of your 1 hour of consulting and complete your application.  So whether your search starts in a few weeks or a few months, now’s the best time to get the exclusive materials and start building your profile.  Your 1 year of hosting begins when your profile goes live.