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Nanny Veronica
Seattle, WA
looking for full-time nanny or family assistant position 

Location Wanted

I’m looking for a family that lives within 30 miles of Sunnyside Ave. N & N 50th St. Seattle, WA.  (Exact address is withheld for privacy purposes.)   Click on the “get directions” link and enter your address to see your distance.

Education / Trainings

BA in Early Care & Education from the University of Washington, graduated May 2017

currently certified in CPR and First Aid through the American Red Cross

30 clock hours of professional development in the last 3 years including classes on Trauma Informed Care, Raising Great Communicators, Supporting a Growth Mindset, and Mindfulness for Kids.  Click here for full list of professional development trainings taken. 

Childcare Experience Summary

  • 4.5 years of full-time nanny experience
  • 5.5 years of part-time nanny experience
  • 4.5 years of daycare experience
  • 13 years of church nursery experience
  • experience working with infants, toddlers, elementary school age
  • experience working with twins, children on the autism spectrum, Type 1 Diabetes

Childcare Experience Details

download my resume here (thank you to Boston Nanny Centre for the sample)

  • meal planning, online grocery shopping and putting groceries away, cooking healthy and tasty kid meals, preparing snacks for weekend
  • children’s laundry, purchasing clothes, uniforms, outwear, and shoes as needed, rotating seasonal clothes, organizing closets
  • keeping the kitchen, playroom, and children’s bedrooms tidy
  • driving to/from school and other activities

Ages I Cared For
I care for twin boys; they were 18 months when I started and are now almost 5. 

Special Needs or Circumstances
Both boys have special needs.  One is on the autism spectrum and one has a language delay.

My Responsibilities
I am responsible for all hands-on care and the whole child development of the twins including developing a home-based forest education program, planning and engaging them in child-inspired school-readiness activities, and working closely with their individual therapists (ABA and speech) and implementing therapy plans at home.  I am the liaison between the parents and therapists, making sure everyone stays updated on the boys’ therapy plans.

A Sampling of My Accomplishments from this Position
The parents and I have accomplished a lot working together. 

I’m particularly proud that I was able to do the majority of the potty training of both boys in under 2 weeks even though each was reluctant and had their challenges. 

I’ve also helped them come out of their shell and learn the social skills needed to make new friends and feel confident in groups. 

The parents and I have developed a great working relationship and I’ve supported them as they tackled the boys’ diagnoses.  They’ve often said how much they appreciate the observations journal I keep to help everyone stay on the same page around the boys’ therapies, progress, and challenges.

Why I’m Leaving the Position
The boys are entering a full day kindergarten program starting in the fall so I won’t be needed for a full-time position.

Click to View Reference Letter from this Position


A Few Interview FAQs

I’m crazy about my dog, Daisy, I’m a friendly-introvert, independent, a great communicator, have a dry sense of humor, all about raising emotionally capable kids, and a to be honest, a not-so-great cook.  Although I do great with kid food!    

I’m passionate about creating a safe space where kids feel loved, secure, and accepted for who they are.  Where they can learn the skills of high emotional intelligence and connected communication.  Where curiosity, kindness, belief in yourself, and respect for others are valued and nurtured.  I believe when kids don’t follow rules or they blow past limits, it’s because they’re trying to get their needs met in inappropriate and ineffective ways. I believe my job is to help them figure out what those needs are, learn how to process and manage the big emotions that come with them, and then do things differently in the future or in other words, “make good choices”.  So my discipline approach is really the same as my big picture approach.  Challenging behaviors are just another learning opportunity.

Top Skills

I took a deep dive into baby led weaning when I was caring for a 6 month old in a previous nanny job.  We had transitioned into solids but the baby wasn’t thrilled with the homemade purees.  Both the mom and I had heard a little bit about baby led weaning so we decided to give it a try.  I jumped in and read multiple books, listened to podcasts, took an online course, participated in discussion groups, and started experimenting with presenting foods that appealed to his taste buds and also engaged him in the experience of eating.  Through my research and hands-on experience, I learned all the dos and don’ts and lots of tricks along the way.  I’ve introduced BLW to 2 additional nanny families and to several of my friends that have infants.  Here’s a great article if you’d like to learn more about it. 


The Position I'm Looking For

LOCATION: Seattle Area (see map above for detailed search area)

TYPE OF POSITION: full-time live-out nanny position


PREFERRED SCHEDULE: Monday – Friday, 42 to 48 hours a week

HOURLY WAGE: $28 to $32 gross per hour (legal pay required)

BENEFITS REQUIRED: guaranteed hours, 2 weeks paid vacation, paid major holidays, paid sick days, health insurance contribution (a tax-free benefit for both of us), IRS mileage reimbursement if using my own car

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: parents who support their nanny and child getting out and about; enjoying local playgrounds, going to playgroups, and other fun activities

If you think we might be a good match, please contact me. If I’m not right for your family but I might be right for a friend, please share my profile.

To connect, please email me at info@NannyCareHub.com and include your job


Additional Resources